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Listen and you shall receive…

a star!

Ask” checked back in to see if I had listened to their advice. They awarded me a star for the changes I made to my template and the attitude I took towards my review. I appreciate the fact that they checked back.
As for my response to their review…there was no way I was going to submit my blog to a website widely known for tearing bloggers a new one, and then whine about what they said about me. If I wanted gentle and kind I would have submitted my blog to ‘I will inoffensively comment on your writing and template style while taking your feelings into account’.com. Where is the thrill in a site like that? I had hoped they would like me, and their review did piss me off, but I wasn’t about to whine about it.

I needed a new template. I have been working on a WP template for months now, but was scared to try to learn a new blogging tool. Blogger was the devil I knew. It wasn’t until ‘Ask’ smacked me upside the bottom that I finally stopped dragging my feet and jumped in the deep end. I am glad I did. I have so many more options to play with, and more places to put the things I want to share with the you. I am no longer forced to shove all my stuff onto one page.

So I would like to thank Queen Mutha for pointing out the obvious; my previous template was seizure inducing. I am glad she appreciates the new one as much as I do.

Riding on the short bus…

I am a piece of shit.

One who puts her kids at risk for kidnapping by flashing her high earning profession (oh yes, we environmental attorneys are raking in the dough, just ask the creditors from my student loan company) and pictures of her kids on the internet. They are a ransom just waiting to happen.

I am all over the place, and I can’t get it together.

At least that is what the new full time reviewer, Queen Mutha, over at Ask and Ye Shall Receive had to say. Really, what does one say to that? “There’s no accounting for taste?” My knee jerk reaction was “Well fuck you!” but really, I was the idiot who asked for the opinion of a bunch of reviewers at That was all me.

Seriously though, having thought about it, there is some truth to what she had to say. I am all over the place, I don’t have my shit together. That is just my life. I am trying to create a world in which I can practice law and stay home with my kids. As it turns out, like many SAHM’s discovered before me, the kids just take over. I have accepted and settled one case in one year. Luckily for me, I was able to take this time out and spend it with my babies, but there hasn’t been much law for me to write about. There has been parenting to write about, and memes to play in, and hardships to discuss, but not much law.

Happily that will change, and as it does, I will be able to express my frustrations with working and parenting, law and motherhood. For now, it’s just motherhood.

I do think I need a new template, but I have been having a hard time finding one that has a low learning curve. I just don’t have time to spend hours on my template right now. I will keep looking though, for something cleaner, and attempt to balance the stuff I want to point out to people with a clean look.

Some good comes of all things. That review pissed me off. It made me look back over my blog, and the past two years. It made me feel protective of my words, and the feelings I have shared. It turns out, I like myself. I like my blog. As it is.

I don’t care if I no one subscribes to it, or if only my mother and few stalwart friends read it. I am going to keep riding the short bus, with a smile.