Vengence… er no… bunnies…

Bunny suit

My invidious tongue lashing review was mentioned again at “Ask” when the reviewer stated that last week she had to “kick fuzzy bunny butt“. Any Buffy fan out there knows bunnies have more grit than one might think.

*playing card modified from original image. Cards found here.


5 thoughts on “Vengence… er no… bunnies…”

  1. No kidding. She had a few good suggestions about format and everyone can use refining in language. But, I think she tends to like the lascivious, flip blogs that are completely irreverent to everyone and everything (or so it would appear in her reviews). I wouldn’t take most of what she said to heart. If everyone had that sort of blog, it wouldn’t be trendy and hip anymore.

    Me? I prefer the ones that are authentic, intelligent, funny- and yours fits in that category.

  2. So, here’s the deal: what kind of an authority is a reviewer blog that actually has f’ing TYPOS on it about grammar and shit like that?? I mean, REALLY? You HAVE GOT to be kidding me. And L&Mhood, you are WAY more than a “mommy blog”. Pretty cliche, sums-it-up description of a blogger with tremendous depth. Fuzz, bunnies and all that.

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