5 thoughts on “Vengence… er no… bunnies…”

  1. After reading some of the reviews on that website, I am impressed that you would ask to be reviewed. Man, they are BRUTAL!

  2. No kidding. She had a few good suggestions about format and everyone can use refining in language. But, I think she tends to like the lascivious, flip blogs that are completely irreverent to everyone and everything (or so it would appear in her reviews). I wouldn’t take most of what she said to heart. If everyone had that sort of blog, it wouldn’t be trendy and hip anymore.

    Me? I prefer the ones that are authentic, intelligent, funny- and yours fits in that category.

  3. So, here’s the deal: what kind of an authority is a reviewer blog that actually has f’ing TYPOS on it about grammar and shit like that?? I mean, REALLY? You HAVE GOT to be kidding me. And L&Mhood, you are WAY more than a “mommy blog”. Pretty cliche, sums-it-up description of a blogger with tremendous depth. Fuzz, bunnies and all that.

  4. Congratulations on your new design. I think it rocks! Your attitude is also wonderful. Keep at it. You get a star from us for making such a great effort!

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