I turn on a dime…

I got a job!!!

Yes!! No more cottage industry for me!! I am working for a lawyer!! I get to do legal research and complaint drafting and case analysis and everything! She is going to help me get my license out here, and then she is going to start sending me to court when cases go that far because she hates it!! I am soooo happy!! Ellen connected her to me today and I interviewed with her tonight!!

She handles mainly legal malpractice, but has other cases as well. I start tomorrow!!
My first job as a lawyer!!

Oooh. The best part. The office houses three attorneys, all of whom are moms. They work mom hours, bring their kids in when they need to, work from home when they need to. They have a conference room that has a dvd player, and cable, a microwave, and mini fridge so the kids can relax with a movie while the moms work. I can work as many hours as I wish and this lawmom haven is only 20 minutes away!! She even has nigh unlimited westlaw, so I can research from the office or home, instead of in the library!! I can even work after the baby is born! My career can start! It really can!

Is like I fell asleep on Black’s law dictionary and woke up in Utopia!

Well I am off to bed, I start tomorrow and need my sleep!

8 thoughts on “I turn on a dime…”

  1. No freakin’ way! Congratulations you lawyerly woman you! I’m so excited for you finding such a plum of a job!

    Keep us informed on how it goes.


    I’m so jealous!

    How’s school going for the little one? And I’m waiting for pictures of the blob.


    This is amazing and you certainly deserve it!

    I’m going to smile all day because of this, thanks!


  4. Congratulations!!!! Woman can “have it all” we just do it a bit differently. It sounds like a perfect set-up for you and your children, including the “blob”, which by the way, has fingers and toes and a heartbeat.

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