All manner of new industries…

In an attempt to fulfill my creative needs, my empty pocket-book, and my long hours alone while Monkey is in school, I am learning the art of making homemade beeswax lip balms. Yes, the law educated mom is going to attempt to sell little tasty pots of pampering to increase her fundage.

So far the recipes I have been collecting have ranged from milk and honey flavored to chocolate flavored balms. I have little glass pots bookmarked, and wholesale organic beeswax suppliers at my fingertips. I have researched organic, natural preservatives, and the best way to sterilize little glass pots. I have also come across ideas for lotion bars and other treats along the way.

Is this endeavor insane? Should one who spent years learning how to write court motions and represent clients in court now delve into the land of beauty supplies? We shall have to see, however, there has yet to be a response to the myraid of resumes I have sent for legal positions. So I plan on making a batch or two over the next few weeks, and trying to sell them to local stores. If that fails, I may try a website of my own. Any ideas for marketing??

I figure at the very least I will have a supply of yummy holiday gifts to hand out when our broke family flies home. I promise to focus intently on creating as many different chocolate lover’s flavors as I possibly can.

Soon to be among the sticky Pots-O-Pampering,

Denver Woman/Girl/Mom/Lawyer/Crafter/Etc.

4 thoughts on “All manner of new industries…”

  1. What about the foot cozies? I’m telling you, those are where the money is at!

    BTW, don’t make a chocolate one for me. Bleah!

  2. Typical you!

    You should talk with Melissa about this — she did a very similar thing about a year ago with body oils.

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