20 more down…

That’s right, 20 more resumes and cover letters sent out since my last post.

I have become less discriminating in my job search as well. Instead of trying to apply in my preferred fields, environmental law and children’s advocacy, I am applying for any legal position I may possibly be qualified to work in.

So far that has included finance, real estate, personal injury, collections, traffic and petty offenses, civil litigation, and more.

Someone, somewhere has to at least be interested in interviewing me.

I have downloaded “killer cover letters” from our school’s career center and tailored each cover letter to match the position I am applying for. I have included writing samples, letters of recommendation, and references.

Satisfyingly fat typed envelopes have been flying off my desk with surprising rapidity.

My goal is ten applications a day. So far I have mananged to hit it. Of course, I did register with three placement agencies, and submitted my online resume for about 15 positions through them, so not all of the 10 a day have been as carefully applied for as the ones I am sending out on my own.

Still, I have to believe I am getting closer to finding a job that fits me.

3 thoughts on “20 more down…”

  1. As soon as I have a need for a personal lawyer at my side at all times, I’ll hire you. Okay? I have big plans. Or maybe I’ve seen one too many episodes of Y&R where Victor sends Michael off to do his bidding.

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