Weekly Winners


It was an exciting week for pictures! Otter was happy to pose with the remote, I got several really great shots of the lunar eclipse, the cat was into some fairly retro posing, and I was able to capture a snow conspiracy!! I hope you enjoy it!

A remote possibility:

Fall was here:

Moon and Stars:

Full lunar eclipse:

Partial Lunar Eclipse:

Cat in the window:

Snow is serious business:

31 thoughts on “Weekly Winners”

  1. BEAUTIFUL shots! I love the one of Oliver with the remote… and you captured some insane shots of that eclipse! Rock on, Momma!

  2. Those are some fabulous shots! Our eclipse was covered in clouds. Very sad.

    The pedicure isn’t actually red, closer to maroon, but it does look red in the picture.

    Pedis are sooo nice, aren’t they?

  3. Maria, Thanks for the Wow! I like to wow you! You are worth wowing!

    Sandy, I appreciate the vote! I am very pleased with the way the eclipse images came out. It was really hard to get them, but I got about twenty good ones, out of probably 100 shots!

  4. Wow – these are wonderful shots! Excellent! cute Oliver; stunning eclipse; and nice snow serious business.

  5. Indeed, a great week for pictures! They are all gorgeous, and those are the best eclipse shots I’ve seen today! Great!

  6. The shots of the moon are incredible! I’m jealous, I only took one shot which was nothing spectacular. Cute kiddo and cool picture of your kitty!

  7. Best eclipse shots yet! And can I just say that he is BEAUTIFUL? I just want to eat his cheeks…

  8. Oliver is adorable! And your moon shots are awesome! So amazing. I am so jealous we were overcast and missed the whole thing…

  9. Gorgeous pics – the eclipse shots are great, but the first of Oliver has to be my favourite, HOW CUTE is he?!
    Thanks for visiting my WW 🙂

  10. Fantastic pictures! The eclipse shots were just great.

    An excellent post this week; thanks for visiting mine too.

    Happy WW day!

  11. I LOVE the shot of the cat in the window. And one of those eclipse shots looks really similar. 🙂 Great job!

    I wonder if we’re in the same part of the world/same latitude? (I’m in Georgia.) I’ve seen some shots with Saturn and Regulus in TOTALLY different places than where we captured them.

  12. I’m catching up slowly, and these are all really, really awesome shots! The eclipse is amazing. Love the kitty shadow, too!

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