Nostaligia for pain…

One of the odd side effects of a law degree is that you develop a liking for a certain kind of pain. The stress, expense, and cruelty of three years studying in the Socratic Method becomes comforting to you. You start law school terrified out of your mind only to discover, years later, that you are nostalgic for the unending study hours and heavy workload.

Today we cleaned out the garage and I came across my orientation handbook. Tucked inside was a receipt for my first year books. I still remember going to the bookstore to get those books, expecting to go from row to row grabbing as many used books as I could to reduce my cost. I remember the shock I felt when the clerk steered me to the large stack of pre-packed white moving boxes that contained our books. I remember wondering how I was going to get my box back to the car.

Then I looked down at the total on the receipt, and I remembered paying nearly an 18th of my year’s living expense allowance for that box of books.


Sickeningly, I wish I could do it all again.

2 thoughts on “Nostaligia for pain…”

  1. OK, now I’m convinced the lack of sleep has driven you insane.

    First, you ask mean people to review your blog and now you’re WISTFUL for law school? Gaaah!

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