A little bit of rice goes a long way

I have been desperately trying to keep Otter happy and busy while I get some work done. There are bar applications to finalize, writing samples to perfect, and cover letters to come up with. Unfortunately all these things take time and concentration. I have a hard time writing anything clever with a small and insistent person pulling on my pant leg and crying.

Yesterday I gave Otter a pan of uncooked rice, a spoon, and a measuring cup in the desperate hope he would grant me twenty minutes to work. He gave me an hour. Of course, some of that time I spent capturing it all on camera.

Rice rice everywhere

Ooh Rice

What a mess!!

rice rice everywhere

Rice in Harmony

Rice in Harmony

Mmm… a spoonful of rice.

Bowl of fun

Now this makes me happy

Now this makes me happy

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