Reasons not to vote McCain #72…

He is a part of the target audience for the Jitterbug!!!

You know, the phones made especially for seniors who are confused and befuddled by regular cell phones! The Jitterbug has customer support that will even put your phone numbers into your contact list for you AND make your outgoing calls!!

I know, I know, I am making fun of the elderly. Bad Scylla, no soul for you!!

Look, I am comfortable making an issue of (and poking fun at) his age. It is not age-ism to worry about a presidential candidate who is old enough to die in office, during his first term, it is simply common sense. The average life expectancy for white males is 75.7 and the three top causes of death are cancer, heart diesease and stroke. McCain has had cancer four times, most recently in 2002. If his odds of surviving a full term at the White House were a bet in Vegas, I wouldn’t place my money against the house!

5 thoughts on “Reasons not to vote McCain #72…”

  1. Yes, but if he does die in office, we’ll then get the first woman president.

    You know, the first woman president that wants to take away the rights of all OTHER women. Wouldn’t that just be AWESOME?!


    I can just see Murphy sitting in a corner, cackling and rubbing his hands in delight.

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