transformation, mutation, transmutation, change, alteration, conversion, modification, remodeling, reconstruction; humorous transmogrification; formal transubstantiation.


Once upon a time, in an eastern state far, far away, a young mother and newly transplanted attorny started a blog. It began as a way to keep in touch with those back home and to update them on the kids. The inital posts were long, rambling, and full of homesickness as I tried to adjust to a new life in a new land, that regardless of it’s location in my country of origin, was a alien to me as another planet.

After a while I got a job, and the stories began to share with you, my faithful readers, some of the strangeness that comes with mixing career and motherhood.

When the baby was born the posts focused back on parenting, and I tried to share my joy and frustration with handling a new small tyrant in my home.

Over the years I have shared photographs, recipes, parenting stories, advice, sorrow, joy, anger, and humor. You have been a lifeline, a connection to a world that often seems to race by unaware of my existence.

Now, I am home, back on my own turf and more sure of foot. And yet, the metamorphosis continues, for while I am secure in my location, my family, my friends, I am trembling, delicately hanging off a limb, with the start of my new practice.

So now, my blog becomes a place to put my fears, concerns, frustrations, and other news of a mother now trying to be her own boss, her own assistant, her own landlord, her own cleaning person. It has been a busy few months, and there has not been much time to write. However, I will be back.

After months of networking, phone calls, brochures, letters, dinners, lunches, drinks, parties, CLE’s, and other elbow rubbing events I am set to negotiate a contract with the State in the beginning of January. I will be taking on more environmental cases in the first of the year as well, and may be entering into the arena of preventing forclosures. The crickets have stopped chirping, scared away by the hustle and bustle of opportunity.

I thank you for checking in with me, and forigiving me my breaks from posting while I try this new endeavor.

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  1. It’s amazing how much a blog can evolve isn’t it? My personal blog has changed from being very personal to being about being a mom, to now being about being a work at home mom balancing kids with my new VA business! Enjoy the changes – someday we’ll look back on these scary times as exciting and fun I bet!

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