Crochet and criminal procedure…

Ugh. This weekend finds me glued to my desk in preparation for my first ever “real” legal interview.

Sadly, as I haven’t cracked a book on criminal law or practiced it in over two years, I am really nervous about the interview to come, positive they will ask me to spout the elements of every crime ever listed, or at least the ones I have never heard of. Yesterday I spent three hours listening to bar review cd’s on the subject of Criminal Procedure, and took a break for a dinner party right after covering warrantless searches and warrant exceptions. I have another cd and a half to go before I break out the elements charts I made for the Criminal Law portion of the bar. I hope I can refresh my groggy memory enough to respond remotely intelligibly when the questions come.

On the upside, listening to the cd means I have my hands free, so I have been crocheting hats, with googly eyes and mandibles, to keep myself from tearing my cuticles into a bloody pulp out of nerves. Maybe, if I flub the interview too badly to get the position, I will have enough backstock created that I can start my own Etsy store, and take over the world with my monster hats.

Everyone has to have a dream.

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