It only takes one…

It only takes on court using “archaic” methods to throw a kink into the works of a home based business.

I have been operating over email for the past two years with nary a hitch because my practice is predominantly federal and the federal courts use an electronic filing system. I bought a scanner to handle documents and then was off and running.

Until now.

One court in Texas wants to send my filings and case information via fax.


I can’t use a fax to email service without risking a breach of confidentiality and therefore my license.

Which means I have to install a land line and hookup my fax machine for one case in one court somewhere deep inside the beautiful State of Texas.

Hitch…. hitch…. fracking hitch.

3 thoughts on “It only takes one…”

  1. I am checking into efax, but there are some confidentiality issues I have to work out before I can open an account with them.

    I am 90% sure they are going to fit the bill.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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