Back in the saddle again…

We are back in NJ, land of beaches, soft fuzzy pets, and rude drivers. We really enjoyed being home, my only regrets being that I was too tired to visit everyone. I am planning a return trip this summer for several weeks, so I am hopeful that I will have time to visit those I missed this time around.

It was a very calm visit, mostly spent with Mom and Dad and a few others. I had lunch with a good friend/former professor of mine, and have gotten the exciting opportunity to work on several environmental law cases. I am happy that I can work in Colorado from here, it is a rare gift to have a career that allows one to commute from 2000 miles away.

We had a lovely baby shower, lots of friends and good food. Everyone was so sweet and I am so thankful to all for the lovely gifts.

I think we need a different house. The one we are in is so annoying that it is hard to imaging staying in it for long. I believe this contributes to my desire to return to Denver. It is often the small things that make or break an experience. For example, our bathroom door randomly locks itself about half the time in a completely inconsistent manner. Therefore it is often the case that I will reach for the handle to leave the bathroom and find myself locked in. Sigh. Monkey’s bedroom door locks from the inside when slammed. (A fact I discovered during an argument and remedied with a screwdriver and several minutes of cursing.) Our dishwasher turns off whenever you reach for a dish in the cabinet above it, the front door sticks shut, and it’s colder than a cellophane wrapped whorehouse in the klondikes in both bedrooms.

I believe if I lived in a house where none of these things were daily issues, I might find my life here more pleasant. However, there is something about the Rocky Mountains being in plain sight as you go about your daily business. It seems to provide me with a sense of home that is absent in this mountainless land. Maybe I will get a similar feeling from the ocean, or the mass of trees abound here, but for now, I miss my lady in the mountains greeting me each time I leave the house.

Monkeyis excited to get back to school, and I am pleased to be able to return to the office, so there is a sense of getting back to it. Please keep emailing and calling though!! I need to hear voices without jersey accents if I am ever going to avoid getting one myself!!

4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again…”

  1. Hey, it’s a Joisey accent, and if I ever hear it coming from you I’ll be quite amused.
    It was more than lovely to have you here. Victoria Turtleshell feels a bit empty, but the environment responded to your decampment with…MORE SNOW!! That’s so our natural sorrow can be replaced with a combination of insanity and shoveling. Thanks, snowgods. Thanks.
    Hope you all have a wonderful week. It’s back to the book for me. Love and hugs.


    Do not do the Joisey accent. Skip that part. No really – and hope Marlena doesn’t get it either.


    I was lovely to see you, as usual. Come back again soon. The snow misses you, too. It told us!

  3. Thanks guys! Sorry more snow was the response for my leaving, if it makes you feel any better, it snowed last night here, so I have cold wet stuff too. Of course, it snowed maybe two inches, so I don’t have much.


  4. I’m sorry we weren’t able to get together. I’m so NOT a morning person so I wouldn’t have been much company at breakfast anyways lol. Don’t worry I won’t let you get a jersey accent :).

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