Walmart gets the cheap pants sued off of them…

Walmart subject to largest gender discrimination class ever.

Estimated at approximately 1.6 million, the courts have allowed the entire class of women who allege discrimination in pay, promotion, and other benefits from Wal-Mart, also many alleged sexual discrimination.

Wal-Mart attempted to throw out the class action because it will be next to impossible to defend against 1.6 million plaintiffs, the thought of doing so is mind boggling to me, but the court, faced with 1.6 million plaintiffs broken up into smaller cases, stated that size alone did not make the case unmanageable.

Ha! I would like to see the depositions.

I am glad Wal-Mart is being forced to face liability for their gender classification decisions, as the company has been repeatedly slapped on the wrist for failing to promote and pay women at the same rate as men. However, from a logistical point of view, it is next to impossible to successfully defend against such a large group of plaintiffs. Also, the plaintiffs themselves may no recover as much as their individual cases warrant, while those who don’t warrant much recovery, may recover more.

It is a clusterf&@k.

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