I know, two posts in one day, again, but I had to share.

I got my acceptance packet in the mail today and am officially taking the NJ State Bar Exam at the end of this month. I booked the hotel room, I am ready to go.

Luckily the room I found is really nearby, and has a full kitchen, so I can deal with the mad pregnancy issues that will arise at 8 months.

Ugh, I was half hoping they would reject me.

On a happy note, “the show with zefrank” for 2/5 was a really interesting commentary on technological advancement the way people get involved with it. It made me think of all my engineering friends out there. I know you are surfers!! Enjoy!

the show with zefrank: 02-05-07

Also, zefrank mentions Biden’s asinine commentary on 2/2, and I found it quite humorous.

the show with zefrank: 02-02-07

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