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I received this note in my email today, from the helpful “What to Expect” people.

Week 33: Thinking for Two
Each week we’ll send you a note to share with the dad-to-be in your life. Pass it on!
She’s always been the one who remembered everything (your parents’ anniversary, the plans you had for next weekend, the meeting with the accountant you spaced on) and kept track of everything — wasn’t she the one with car key radar? But suddenly, you may have noticed, she’s the one forgetting meetings and appointments; she’s the one who can’t find her blue suit (because she didn’t remember to pick it up at the cleaners); and she’s the one who’s turning the house upside down to locate her car keys. Welcome to Pregnancy Brain Fog — another seemingly random symptom triggered by pregnancy hormones. Instead of ragging on her for her forgetfulness, help her cope with it. Search for her keys with her (or better still, put a key collecting bowl at the front door), remember to pick up the dry cleaning so she doesn’t have to, and casually mention at breakfast that important meeting she has this afternoon (before it slips her mind).

It’s true too, I am suffering from Placenta Brain, forgetting things, misplacing things, generally feeling insane.

My problem? The February Bar Exam. Do you think the PTB’s will forgive an incorrect point or two on account of baby brain?

For example: My boss asked me what the burden of proof was for a gender discrimination case. I couldn’t answer. Of course, I figured out later it was because Consitutional Analysis has levels of scrutiny, not burdens of proof, but still, it took me five hours to remember intermediate scrutiny!!

It helps that she didn’t remember either, and she is not suffering from pregnancy brain, but I won’t be able to make it through the exam if it takes me 5 hours to remember something as basic as that.


I am also having nightmares where I do into labor during the exam, an hour away from everyone who is supporting me through said labor. How do I get back home? Do I drive myself home? Do I leave my car in Somerset and call and ambulance? It will be a month early, so it’s not really going to happen, but it is certainly irritating that my subconcious has decided to worry about birthing during the bar exam instead of merely failing it.

Anyone have a cure for pregnancy/bar exam induced nightmares from hell?

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