Nesting…. again.


I am so nesting. Yesterday I bought wood oil/soap and shined my floors with it. I swept and mopped and organized my house. Today I bought a new shelving unit and improved the cleanliness of the office.

You still can’t eat off my floors, but then, with two dogs and three cats when can you ever? Besides, whenever I sweep and mop Bella follows me through the house shaking her fur everywhere. It’s as though she needs a certain amount of her fur on the floor to feel comfortable. Sigh.

Fewer contractions today than yesterday, but the birthing tub I ordered is late in arriving so it’s a good thing that I haven’t begun to go into labor yet.

I have been on a massive shopping spree to stock up on Monkey entertainment devices for when Otter arrives. I have craft kits, paint sets, doll house toys, mini ball shooters, board games, and more. I have a box and a good portion of a shelf in my craft room designated as the “Monkey boredom prevention emergency supply center.” Additionally I have stocked a drawer in the fridge with fruit and cheese snacks she can get herself, along with juice boxes. She should be set for snacks and entertainment while we all get used to the idea of Otter being around.

It is going to be interesting, she is so good with little babies, and so patient. However, this is not a cute baby that leaves soon after arriving, this is a brother. One of those loud, stinky, obnoxious creatures who takes your toys and tells your friends embarrassing things about you. (Sorry Shane, I promise that I do not feel this way about you any longer, even if you did eat a dog biscuit in front of Vargus the first time he came to our house.) I am assuming that she will eventually feel some competitiveness or resentment towards Otter, even if she is extra good with him in the beginning.

I am attempting to lessen any sense of being left out by providing her with many a thing to do, making sure she can get snacks and treats easily, and by working with Lee to give her one on one mommy time at least once a week for a few hours. I think we will be able to make it work.

We will find out soon, even I can’t be pregnant forever!

3 thoughts on “Nesting…. again.”

  1. About big babies – my grandmother was, when she was younger, a smallish woman with a petite waist – she had 8 boys, all of them at home, during the depression. One was 10 pounds and the family legend is she pushed so hard, one of the kids shot out and hit the footboard of the bed! You’ll be fine – women have been doing this successfully for a long time 🙂

  2. If I can have a 10 pounder you can too! Just remember, your huge. (Now, everyone is going to thing I am insulting you….)

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