Tic tic tic…

Odd looks…

As though I am a bomb about to go off… a dangerous instrumentality about to loose my destruction upon the world. Everywhere I go I run into people who look at me as if I am about to fall at their feet and give birth right then and there.

Grocery store employees appear nervous around me, medical personnel behave as though they might be fated to deliver my baby in the Dunkin Donuts over lunch.

Of course, even Lee stares at the size of this baby belly of mine and says “My god, you are sooo big. I don’t think you can do another two weeks of this.”‘

Today at the doctor’s appointment my OB asked me how large Monkey was while he measured my belly. “9 lbs, 1 and 1/2 ounces” I said. He looked at me and responded, while feeling the baby’s back and feet under my skin. “Good, cause this is one big baby.”

He is though, I can feel his head, his feet, his little bottom. He is easily going to avoid all the lovely 0-3 month clothing everyone so lovingly bought him and jump straight into 3-6 month. Of course, so did Monkey. I never used newborn diapers with her, as they were too small when she was a newborn.

Of course, I am a little nervous about having a larger than average baby, but the again, no one has ever called me petite. I am a larger than average woman. If there is one thing my gene’s do well, it’s grow and birth big healthy babies. (I am Scandinavian, here me roar!)

Well this ticking time bomb is off to bed! Sleep well.

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