Apples anyone?

Really, anyone want some apples?
We went apple picking with Ellen and the Freehold Mom’s group today and ended up with 11 pounds of apples.
I guess I shall make pie, or baked apples, or gourmet baby food, or …. pie.
Does anyone have good ideas for what I should do with 11 pounds of apples?
We had a lot of fun picking apples and Marlena did her best to strip the trees bare (as evidenced by the number of apples we ended up with.)
Oliver was not a fan of the sun, but once we were in the shade of the orchard he began trying to pick apples himself. He ended up with handfuls of apple tree leaves mostly. Happily none of them made it to his mouth before I could catch his hand and remove them.

The Mom’s Group is made up of really nice and interesting women. I think I am really going to enjoy making new friends. I know Marlena is. She was really excited to meet everyone today.

Marlena has a new friend at school who only lives a few houses down from us. We are planning a playdate with Mariah on Monday. I hope Marlena gets the chance to enjoy the benefits of having friends really close by. So far she plays alone a lot.

We also went to Costco today. We had an unusually nice time, complete with an easy going lunch. There is something so satisfying about feeding two people on less than 5 dollars. Even though the lunch is in a crowed store at haphazardly placed tables surrounded by shopping carts we always really enjoy it!

We still managed to spend too much today, even though all we got were a couple items of clothing, some coffee, granola bars, and diapers. They finally got me with the Executive Membership! There I was, bored 6 year old, cranky baby, having to renew the current membership anyway, and the checker tagged me! Literally, she looked me over and called over her manager to offer me the “upgrade”. I must have had “Sucker” written all over my head. Of course they guarantee the upgrade, so if I don’t earn enough cash back to pay for the upgrade they will pay me the difference between it and the renewal, but still. I never should have listened.

I finished my rough draft of the complaint and sent it to my mentor for criticism. I will have to cite check it this weekend, but I hope to be ready to file by Wednesday. I will work on my Pro Hac Vice application this weekend and be all ready to go! Yay law! I missed you so!

Well the baby needs me, so back to the world of Ollie Bobba and the forty dirty diapers.

4 thoughts on “Apples anyone?”

  1. directions for freezer sauce (we had an apple tree in our front yard):
    core apples
    boil until soft
    run through food processor
    put in containers to freeze

    Although, maybe this is the same as baby food? I’ve jarred applesauce too. And much preferred the freezer sauce gambit.

    I love your new masthead (is that the right word?). I usually read you in a reader 🙂

  2. Thanks for the ideas and compliments on the masthead! I decided I needed more color!

    Mmm…freezer sauce and apple pancakes sound good!

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