Happy national be rrrattlin’ on like a pirrrate day

Ahoy all ‘n a happy national natter like a pirate day! I hope ye all ‘ave had fun drinkin’ ‘n dancin’, ‘n ‘ave enjoyed a tasty pirate grub!
We didn’ do too much herrrre, mostly rearranged th’ furniture ‘n hung out. We had a tasty stew fer grub wit’ a nice bottle o’ wine.
Oliver ‘n I went t’ our first Mom’s Club meetin’ today. It went really well! I like th’ mom’s in th’ group a lot, ‘n it looks as though thar are goin’ t’ be a lot o’ fun thin’s t’ do o’er th’ next few months.
I be especially pleased t’ see we be goin’ t’ FrightFest at Great Adventure next month. Lee ‘n I went when I was pregnant ‘n I basically couldn’t ride anythin’, so I ‘ave been achin’ t’ go ‘n actually ride th’ rides! Wit’ no sprogs along even!
We be also goin’ t’ be doin’ a few fun charitable thin’s, includin’ helpin’ th’ sprogs make blankets fer residents o’ an assisted livin’ ship nearby.
Tomorrow I plan t’ pillage th’ garage fer loot fer a yard sale. I ‘ave several boxes full o’ unknown booty that I be sure will work fer a yard sale. Th’ Mom’s Club be acceptin’ thin’s fer a major sale, ‘n I can happily give thin’s up t’ a good cause.
I also ‘ave t’ work a little more on me case. I needs t’ prepare a motion fer summary judgement ‘n get th’ brief finished. Well, more started really.
Now I be off t’ splice th’ mainbrace wit’ a few hearties. Fair winds!

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