The cat sucker.

There was a young woman who lived in New Jersey
with so many pets she should have had pleurisy.
She’d started with three,
but wasn’t let be,
by the creatures all covered in fursey!
— Scylla

I have a giant blinking sign above my head that says “Cat Sucker”.

It started last year with Hazel. She obviously saw the warm glow of the cat sucker sign over my head as I left Marlena’s school and decided to approach me for permanent residency in Cat Camelot. A kingdom where she would be allowed to sleep on her choice of two beds every night, and would only be faced with the hardship of choosing which lap to sleep on during evening television programming, instead of having to scrounge for her supper.

Of course, technically it started before then, with Rue. Really, he was the first new addition to the Cats of the Round Table, and he was primarily Lee’s fault. (Lee does not have a cat sucker sign on his head, but he is listed in the “animal softy” registry.)

Well, if we are going to be completely honest here, this particular Cat Camelot started with Chloe, many years ago, when I agreed to adopt her from a friend who had to move into a no pets allowed building, and wanted his PTSD-suffering Siamese to have a gentle and loving home. (Of course, before her there was Woody… you get the idea.)

Now there is another petitioner for admittance into Cat Camelot. He is sitting outside in my backyard. He is small and black and white, and currently sated after having consumed a large bowl of kitty food. He is very friendly. He tells me that he has traveled far, and has braved many trials and hardships, in order to seek membership in these most hallowed halls. He has heard the stories of warm beds, multiple available hands for petting, and plentiful food. He is even willing to brave the potential hardship of Oliver love and the canine hordes, in order to be allowed past the gates into this land of plenty.

Yes, once again, the warm glow of the cat sucker sign has led one right to my door. I guess I should be glad it doesn’t say “Hippo Sucker”.

3 thoughts on “The cat sucker.”

  1. I have found around here that lots of cats roam about. Said cat may not be homeless but if you begin feeding it well, it could become your cat!

  2. I’m allergic to cats, even though I love them. We have pet rabbits; and yes, I’m the Rabbit Sucker. Our neighbors decided to give theirs up in favor of a dog; of course, we took it in.

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