Day after day you change their diapers, then POW!!

All of a sudden they are six going on sixteen! Monkey is now muttering “whatever” when I am parenting her, and using the phrase “like” about every third word. Not to mention the phrase “oh my god!”

“Mommy? Ummm… Mommy?”
“Yes Monkey?”
“Like, ummm…, we had cake, like chocolate cake, not the other kind of cake, at like school today because like, it was like, Jake’s birthday?”
“That sounds good… did you enjoy your cake?” (Notice I avoided the word like?)
“Yeah, it was like, pretty good, I even ate the cake part, not just, you know, like the frosting.”

“Oh my god mommy! Otter just caught the ball!”
“Oh my god, did you see that mommy?”

Tee hee… hee. Aaaahhhh!!! When did she turn like…. thirteen?

She left to see a movie with her dad today and had to put on her earrings and change her shirt before they left so she would look nice at the mall. Ahhh!! She never used to care what she looked like at the mall!! She would leave the house with her teeth unbrushed, her hair in tangles, and wearing her jammies if I didn’t force her to dress! Now she is up early primping!!!

Here is the scariest part:

She looks like a miniature teenager!!

She really is only six! Do you think it’s too late to by her bloomers and make her wear a merino frock and wool muff for the long walk to school? Maybe if I gave her a slate and chalk and encouraged her to learn ice skating and embroidery? Something has to halt her rapid progression into teenagerdom!

Yesterday, while playing dress up, she came downstairs in her earrings, high heels, and a little black dress and said “Look Mom!! I look just like a teenager! That is so cool!”

(Can you feel the heart palpitations? Can you hear me hyperventilate?)

There is some comfort in knowing I have many more months of diaper changing and babydom before my boy becomes a teenager in training, but seeing Monkey hit this stage so soon makes me feel as though the time is shorter than I originally thought it would be. Otter is growing very fast, but he is still smack in the middle of his baby days.

His latest achievement? He has begun to munch on teething biscuits and this interesting rice cracker we found called a Baby Mum Mum. As I bonus I get to wander around saying “Do you want a Mum Mum? Mmmm…. Mum Mum’s are Yum Yum!”
(It’s okay, sometimes I make myself sick too.)

4 thoughts on “Day after day you change their diapers, then POW!!”

  1. Remove all access to high heels, little black dresses, makeup and television. Begin playing Dora videos only, back to back, or something equally childish. Do not allow her near any boys she wants to smooch on (sorry, Simon!).

    Then lock the door and throw away the key.

    Also? Beat whoever it is she’s spending time with that abuses the word “like” so much.

    I’m only partly joking. Of course, I have my own mini-teen to deal with over here with all of her eye rolling and door slamming.

  2. Wow.
    Girl 6 and boy 6 is soooo much different. Tyler is scared of teenagers, definitely not wanting to be one.

    Yet 16 and driving scares the hell out of me… 10 years seems like forever but it’ll be here before I know it.

    She’s just beautiful… I’d be worried too.

  3. I feel your pain. I hear, “whatever” a lot and she happily sings along to Hannah Montana songs… gag!

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