From a baby’s perspective…

How often do we purchase an item for a nursery, and then use it in the way the baby will use it? I can only speak for myself when I say, never.

For example:

I purchased the Symphony in Motion mobile with Barnyard shapes, thinking it cute, colorful, and stimulating.

It looks bright, cheerful, and stimulating doesn’t it? It looks like a good tool to assist baby in developing his distance vision and musical ear. So imagine my surprise when I actually lay underneath it with the baby and looked up into the eyes of the Psychotic Googley-Eyed Donkey From Hell!

This menacing felt creature looms over baby like the clown bed in the Simpsons loomed over Bart! Even worse, the donkey lunges at you at the end of each rotation, dropping an extra five or six inches directly towards your face! Aaaghh!

Is this donkey the reason Otter hated his crib? Did he lay awake screaming “Can’t sleep! Donkey will eat me!”?

I can tell you one thing, from now on I will be viewing future purchases from a baby’s perspective, before introducing them to my dear boy, even if it means I am lying in the aisle of a store face to face with a toy! I also think I may begin a weekly pictoral of things as seen from Otter’s level. It is bound to be interesting.

3 thoughts on “From a baby’s perspective…”

  1. That’s hilarious. I had the same mobile for Elliot (different animals though). I registered for it because it was bright! and had the black and white! and the music was classical! and then I put him under it and instead of lulling him to sleep like I think a mobile should, it wound him up. Funny how Audrey survived without a mobile.

    You should put a web cam on Oliver’s head to see what he sees when he’s mobile. That would be awesome.

  2. My twins seem to like it, but then perhaps they are used to psychotic looking people looming over them?

    I object to the crazy-eyed lambs that play music whose heads move in a creepy way.

  3. Good golly – that is a terrible toy……. thank goodness you checked it out – he may have been sleeping with you forever!!

    Love ya..

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