Le influenza…

Otter has had a high fever (around 104) for the past two days. He has been to the pediatrician twice. Today, he and I spent six hours in the local ER. That is where we discovered my little man has the flu.

I am still recovering from having to lay down on top if his legs and torso while the nurse probes his baby chubby wrists and hands, ankles and feet for a vein. After three attempts,she got his line in his little foot, and 8 ounces of saline was coursing through that line into his system.

Six and a half hours later we are home, snuggled up with orders to lower the breastmilk intake and increase the pedialite. The only problem? He won’t drink the pedialite, and he wants the breastmilk.

I understand the instructions were intended to help his little tummy settle and limit or halt further vomiting, but I would rather he drink something, and get thrown up on, than have him drink nothing.

Well, he woke up, so I am off to bed. See you tomorrow. With a flu stricken baby, I will likely see no one but you, my darling blog friends, for quite some time.

4 thoughts on “Le influenza…”

  1. I swear…I am becoming more convinced we are passing flu germs through the internet, so many seem to be reporting having the flu. I just had one child get over the same deal here at my house. 5 days of 102+ fever. Not fun.

    Hope your little man is better soon!

  2. Nooo! It is not me! I am not the vector! Aiee!

    I hope Oliver feels better soon. Hang in there! You too, Missy!

  3. I’m with missy – it’s an internet thing!

    Hope he gets better soon – and I love your new header.

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