A picture may be worth a thousand words…

But there is no replacement for Daddy hugs. Here are a few gems from the past few days with my dad:

Dad and the Kids outside the Bear Mountain Visitors Center.

Dad and Otter share a cool breeze outside the Visitors Center.

Otter finds Dad’s nose at the park.

Monkey helps her baby brother figure this playground stuff out.

Dad and Monkey escort Otter to the park.

A Panoramic of Dad, Monkey, Otter and Myself at West Point in front of the Hudson. (There was no tripod, only car, so I got most of their heads)

Monkey Flies on the Swings.

Monkey fills Da in on the plan.

4 thoughts on “A picture may be worth a thousand words…”

  1. I am missing some hugs here. Miss Lily came over today to help me out, but I’m getting pretty jealous of all the cuddling opportunities I’ve been seeing & not getting! By the way, Lily is a duck: she points at the ceramic duck & says “qack-qack.” Lots of qacks today. Okay, so I got a couple of kisses, too.
    –Lonely Namz

  2. Beautiful photos!
    I think it’s safe to say that your dad is getting as much out of those hugs as you guys are! 🙂

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