Well, it looks like my girl isn’t getting presidential nomination. Trust the Dems to come up with two powerful status quo breaking candidates for the same election. I only hope Hillary get the VP nomination, we need to unify the dems against McCain. After all, now we, a relatively moderate to conservative nation, are facing a national election between the most liberal senator, and a relatively moderate conservative. It’s going to be a fight.

I am worried because Obama hasn’t had to deal with the republican spin machine, and they are amazing at catching and holding the attention of the American public. One of the reasons I have been a Hillary supporter is that I am secure in her ability to shake off any mud that gets slung at her. She has had all her dirty laundry hung out in public so many times already and is still a powerhouse. I am concerned that Obama may have a skeleton or two in his closet that the Republicans can use to chip away at his armor and strengthen McCain’s position in the national race.

I will be considering a relocation to Canada if we manage to lose another presidential race to the republican party.

It would be great if Obama and Hillary ran together. I believe they stand a better chance against McCain if they have the support of all the Dems behind them, and all the non-dems who have backed them in the primaries.

That having been said, I need to spank a few people. If you have said you would vote for McCain if your democratic candidate didn’t win the nomination you are an idiot. This is not a popularity contest, it is an election for the leader of our nation. You should be voting for the choice that offers you the best representation, the person whose ideals most closely aligns with yours. If you can say you would vote for Hillary, but not Obama, than you are not voting the issues. Rethink your position please, it lacks sense.

I am going to be buried under work for the next few days. I am rewriting my writing sample for job interviews and preparing to start the moving process. Therefore I may not post as often as usual.

3 thoughts on “Change”

  1. I second the spanking. I was listening to NPR on the way home a week ago (or more) and a bunch of women were saying the ONLY reason a person wouldn’t elect Hilary is because they’re sexist. They said they could no longer be a member of a sexist party and would therefore go support McCain and become republicans. I was so shocked at this irrational, completely illogical emotional response. Obviously if your candidate doesn’t win, the best choice is to go to the other side and vote for the opposite of what you believe in.

    I’m hoping by November, they will have calmed down and let some reason sink in, rather than going extreme. It doesn’t promote the possibility of a woman ever being in office- it serves to bolster sexism, which is counterproductive to their mission. It hurts women everywhere.

    Initially I wasn’t sure about Obama, and voted for Clinton in the caucus, but toward the end I crossed over to his campaign. We do need to unite. And if we can’t get it accomplished- I have a trip to South Africa planned right before inauguration. Perhaps I won’t come back. 😉

    Sorry for the hijacking your blog… I suppose I should get back to work or something.

  2. Mntnlover77, you didn’t hijack it!

    I never changed sides. I am still a Hillary girl, and always will be. I just don’t see how I can back her up, and all she fights for, by voting for McCain. She doesn’t want him in office in lieu of her.

  3. I definitely agreed with this post… I’m anxious to see who the VP nom will be ~ it looks like at this point she would make the most sense. I think if that is the choice that is made, there is no way McCain could win.

    I really don’t know how anyone in good conscience that supported either Obama OR Clinton could possibly vote for McCain. I 3rd the spanking!!

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