Everything but the kitchen sink debate night stew…

It started as an evening at home with the family. Well, it started as a dinner party, but the intended party was pushed back a day due to headache. So I planned an evening of left over stew made with yams, carrots, beef brisket, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. (I made the stew in a crock pot, cooking the brisket over some onions and garlic with a little beer for 24 hours before adding the rest of the ingredients. It’s fall apart tender now.)

Add a little crusty bread, some apple slices, some beer.

This was my dinner plan. The family and some stew in front of the VP debate.

Then we added a lovely couple, they offered hummus as their contribution. Great!, said I, come watch the debate!

Then my mother, with an offer of beer reinforcements. Well, I can’t leave you to watch the debate alone! Come watch us yell at the t.v.

Then Lee added another, and I, another.

Suddenly, my stew pot, it looka verra empty.

How do I intend to feed so many hungry anti-Palinites?

Toss in more mushrooms, they fill tummies with fat free proteins! Luckily I have a pile of baby bellas from Costco!

Add some more carrots. Everyone likes carrots. If they don’t, they can fill up on hummus.

Beans, legumes, anything in my pantry that will fill a tummy and meld well with my original stew? Wait here it is… a can of organic lentil soup!!

Anything else?

Noodles!! Noodles are filling! Add some noodles!! Yay for noodles!!

Let’s see…. taste it…. hmmmm…. some bullion to make up for the sudden increase in water.

Still…. awfully paltry offerings. It’s just a bowl of stew after all.

Homemade cornbread!! That’s the ticket! Fresh, hot and yummy! That will fill some tummies!!

Into the oven when a pan of yellow and a pan of blue. That will feed the masses!!

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