There’s no place like home…

Maybe she wanted to be able to click her heels three times and disappear if she failed miserably, or maybe it’s the girly version of the power tie, either way, Palin may have stolen these shoes right off the set of Wizard of Oz.

Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers

Granted, they may be dyed crocodile skin (most likely from a crocodile shot down by Palin as she flew overhead on her way to a gubernatorial meeting) instead of red glitter, but the sparkle from her shoes brought some new spice to the VP debate.

Of course, the shoes were the only sparkling aspect of the debate. As the daughter of writers and the granddaughter of an English teacher my ears burned in shame as they heard Palin butcher the English language over and over again. (We’re talking basic grammar here folks. She can has primer?)

Let’s not even talk about her clear unwillingness to answer any question posed. If she had chosen to answer, her syntax and grammar errors would have made her answers unintelligible anyway.

As a woman who campaigned her ass off to get Hillary (blessedly eloquent woman that she is) into office, Palin’s verbal stumbling makes me want to bang my head down on the table and cry.

9 thoughts on “There’s no place like home…”

  1. It’s almost humorous that he picked her to help woo the Hilary supporters… Did they really think we were that dumb?? To vote for a woman like this? Ugh. What a joke.

    It’s frustrating that our choices include such dumbassery… (now who needs a primer?) 🙂

  2. Please re-assure me that everything is gonna be alright… We are getting very scary vibes this side of the pond. Palin for president????… surely not.

  3. You betcher darn tootin’ buns she shot that croc from a copter. Back in Alaska, hockey moms and Joe-six pack America launch nucular weapons at animals for sport. UGH. *winkwink*

    CNN had a montage of her winks. It was absolutely ridiculous. You’re trying to sell a candidacy, not beer. I don’t think any independent or undecided voters were dumb enough to fall for that crap, and all it did was rally in the people that were voting for McCain anyway.

    Oh, and this would have been helpful to have during the debate…

  4. I LOVE that flow chart! Hatchet posted it from Daily KOS and I laughed my ass off.

    I wish I could assure you Bruce, but the race being as close as it is, I am starting to look into to moving closer to you.


  5. Actually, I was listening to something on NPR where they talked to a bunch of folks over 60 and some of THEM said they really liked her.

    Frankly, I noticed it was mostly the men. One older woman specifically pointed out that she never actually ANSWERED any of the questions posed, but the men were all “She’s just reg’lar folks!” DAMN! How dumb do you have to be to believe that sort of performance is real?

  6. I hate how her refusal to answer the questions is being spun as “taking control of the debate.” And the media is falling for it.

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