Jackie O ain’t got nothin’ on me…

at least in the huge dark sunglasses department.

So… today marks the ninth consecutive day for what is turning out to be the longest migraine in my memory. Ouch.

I apologize for not having more to say but really… Ouch just about does it.

I am wandering about my life in huge dark glasses, getting the occasional glare from people who think it’s a fashion choice or attempt at cool instead of a desperate ploy to block the painfully bright light from reaching my eyes. I have to get some work done before I leave for D.C. so I find myself reading over the Colorado Probate Code, researching the Clean Water Act, and generally wishing I could curl up on the couch and watch very quiet, dark reruns of Moonlight. Sadly, drooling over Alex O’Laughlin doesn’t pay very well.

So instead I am in a dark office, in sunglasses, enlarging the font on my monitor until it doesn’t take much effort to read it.

Anyone wanna trade brains?

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