I have a Zombie Crush on Elizabeth Warren.

This woman is amazing.  I love to hear her speak and I appreciate her clearly explained position on issues.  I love the way she cuts to the chase, can meet the eyes of the people asking her questions, and doesn’t mince words.  I want to absorb her brain.*

That’s right.  I have a zombie crush on Elizabeth Warren.

What’s a zombie crush you ask?

A zombie crush is not unlike a traditional crush.  The crusher wants to hear more from the person, wants to see them, enjoys being in their presence.  The crusher may go out of their way to be around the person, or a video of the person.   However, unlike a traditional crush, the zombie crush has no sexual component.  Rather than lusting after the object of the crush sexually, the zombie crusher lusts after their subject’s intellect, or in zombie parlance, the subject’s b…r…a…i…n…s. 

The zombie crusher is so infatuated with the way the subject thinks that they want to absorb the subject’s brain, thereby incorporating these captivating thoughts into their own brain. It’s more than simply wanting to hear what the subject has to say.  It’s about wanting to viscerally understand the way their mind works.

A true zombie crush is a rare thing.  Traditionally zombie crushes are reserved for professors, mentors, and life changing gurus.  Elizabeth Warren is unique.  She is the first politician I have had a zombie crush on. In fact, I am pretty sure she is the first politician anyone has had a zombie crush on.

This could be due to the fact that I made up the term.

⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖  ⚖

* No actual brains were absorbed in the writing of this post.

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