Hope shines through a tow truck accident.

So I was minding my own business last Wednesday, driving to get my daughter from school, when a giant tow truck ran a red light and slammed into the right rear panel and wheel well of my car.


I went to the ER for the resulting shoulder pain and complete freezing up of the right side of my body and was given Valium to release the muscle spasms.  I began taking it and the most amazing thing happened.

My headache went away. Seriously, it magically disappeared.

Then another thing happened, when I took more Valium, it went away again.

I have not had a debilitating migraine since I began taking Valium after the accident. I have had some breakthrough headaches, but I feel as though I have found Valhallah. I have a much clearer head than before, and while my shoulder is throbbing and slung, my brain gremlins are sleeping in a Valium induced coma.

Today I spoke with my specialist and he is willing to try Valium for three months and see what happens.  He also wants me to get a C-Spine MRI and CatScan and a barrage of other tests to see if this could all be a problem with my neck.  My entire life my doctors have tested my head, but it’s been over a decade since I had a CSpine.  He has diagnosed me with a partial disability as I am still dealing with over 26 headache days a month, but at this moment I have found something that makes the pain stop.

So the moral of the story? Get hit by a tow truck.


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