I kicked chronic pain’s ass this morning.

I awoke as I normally do, pounding headache and aching right shoulder from the accident.  I took some vitamin V and the I conquered the world!

I made candied bacon.  I made bacon, mushroom, egg cups.  I fed the whole family and I did it all in my batgirl jammies.  (Mostly because Oliver made me put them on, as he was wearing his TMNT jammies and he wanted some solidarity).

So, candied bacon (Which I had for the first time at my cousins’ house, making them the best cousins in the world):

1 package turkey bacon (I hate turkey bacon, I never use the stuff, however it works so well for candied bacon that it is my one exception)

1/4 cup dark brown sugar

1/8 – 1/4 cup hot water

Set the oven to 350. Stir the water and brown sugar.  Lay the freakishly uniform strips of turkey bacon on a pan.  Gently drizzle ‘bacon’ with sugarwater mixture until each piece is fully covered.  Bake until crisp.  Pull from oven and cut into small bite sized pieces of deliciousness.

Breakfast egg cup things:

Thoroughly and unremittingly spray a cupcake pan with non-stick spray. I mean really spray the sucker.

Eggs, 1 per cup

Veggie of some kind (Preferably that you like to consume with eggs)

Meat of some kind (Also that you like to consume with eggs)

Set oven to 350. Place a few small slices of meat into the bottom of each cup.  Add a veggie, like a mushroom, some onion, broccoli, etc.  Crack one egg over the top of each pile of goodies.  Place in oven and bake until the egg looks good.  I like the yolk a little runny and the whites completely cooked so I cooked it for about 12 minutes.

Pop out of cupcake pans, and gobble up with tiny bits of candied bacon.


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