Hope springs a leak.

I keep getting hopeful.  I will find a temporary cure for an ailment, a client will call for a good solid case, my children will say something sweet, or I will bake one hell of an amazing overly chocolately M&M filled GF cookie.  Smiling will happen, happiness will bubble up, the world will seem normal and I will begin to believe I can do it all again!

Then hope springs a leak.

The headache returns. I get tired from working. I get so tired from working that I no longer have the energy to do anything that makes the children want to say anything sweet.  The would be awesome cookie does that GF thing where it wicks all the moisture out of your mouth and turns your once luminescent skin into a drying human husk.

Do you think someone out there could create a hope leak sealant? I know you can’t create a whole new hope I can just attach to myself and move on with, but if you could just make a spray of some kind I could use that could tide me over until the cookies come out right or the headache goes away, I would really appreciate it.

In fact, I bet there is a huge untapped market out there for hope leak sealant. Think of the millions of dollars you, the intrepid entrepreneur, could make by shoring up people’s hope just long enough for them to get things really going.  It’s a hugely underutilized market just waiting for the right inventor to come along.

So get on it already! I need myself some spray on hope!

3 thoughts on “Hope springs a leak.”

  1. It exists. They are called kisses. Unfortunately, they only keep the leaks in for a short while. The duration of the kiss may have lasting sealant effects.

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