We’ve been buzzing around…

It’s been a few days. I suppose the fact that I announced, out loud, my intention to write every day can be tied directly to my not doing so. I’m funny that way.

We’ve been busy little bees over here, both us and the bees themselves. We’ve decided to name them the Bee Team and every morning Oliver and I have gone out to sit and watch them fly around.

I picked up a gorgeous iron garden bench/glider to sit on and we rearranged the pots with our most fragrant plants in them so when we are sitting there in the cool morning breeze mint, oregano, rosemary, and other delightful scents waft before our noses while we watch the bees sip water from the fountain and gather pollen from the flowers. I love it.

The storms have been trying their best to crush my head again but with the garden in place I seem to handle it better. I no longer feel as sorry for myself. Instead, I just go lie in the hammock, read a book, and listen to bees until I feel better.

I am going to take some close up pics of our industrious new family members soon, so keep an eye out!

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