An enemy returns…

After nearly 4 months of zero mayofacial neuritis my old enemy has returned.

About a week ago my left cheek began feeling as though it was being slapped all the time, yesterday the random moments of slicing sensation returned.

There is something so exhausting and dispiriting about wandering around feeling as though someone is slicing through my cheekbone with a thin blade. It’s shocking, and surprising, and difficult to work through. It detracts from my ability to pay attention in a significant way, leaving me shaken and tired every day.

I really hate this thing.

I have been doing so well. Swimming 2 miles a week, running three days a week, walking wherever I can. I have been sleeping and keeping my caffeine intake low and my water intake high. I have been working part time and taking the kids hiking, swimming, and adventuring.

I have begun to crawl back into my life and I have been succeeding at it.

Now this evil bastard comes along and is trying it’s level best to pull back under the tides of despair and exhaustion. It’s enough to make a girl wanna cry. You know, if crying didn’t make my head hurt.

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