Making lemonade…

I am disabled. I can’t work full time, I can’t drive, I can’t go to all the parties, concerts, and events.

I am routinely medicated, stabbed with needles, put under anesthesia, injected with steroids, and tortured by well meaning physical therapists.

I won’t pretend to be happy about it, I won’t lie and say I am okay. I have decided to do something about it.

My biggest heartbreak has been a decrease in my ability to help people. I have had to close down my law practice because the stress makes things worse. I have had to move from an employee to a contractor at work because I can’t go to an office every day. Worst of all, I have had to reduce my volunteering efforts to next to nothing.

I was in crisis this week. I spent a week in medical offices getting treatments and always left feeling worse for the wear. I missed work all week. I missed attending a board meeting, a pot luck, and other events. I am turning 40 and feeling as though I was more put together at 9. I was in dire straights.

So I decided to make a choice. I love working as a volunteer for the Southern Plains Land Trust. I love raising awareness, money, and volunteers. I love protecting my precious prairie dogs and patrolling the preserves during hunting season and putting up fence to protect the land from grazing cattle. I can see the difference I am making with every second that I volunteer.

I am going to work for SPLT for a living. I started a CrowdRise campaign to raise the money for a part time salary for a year. I can work from home and do what I love. I don’t have to give up.

I do need your help. Please view my video and pass it on. If you can donate, even $5, that would help immensely, but passing my information on to others will help just as much.  You can visit my campaign at

Thank you for taking a moment to watch my short video and read my appeal. Thank you doubly for sharing it.

Help me do what I love. from Misty Ewegen on Vimeo.

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  1. Misty, you are my inspiration. I will go to your site and make a donation. But you will never know how much I admire you, and love you, always. You are in my daily prayers and thoughts.

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