Fire breathing nostril…

This is some serious bullshit. I would love it if this post were about my sudden and inexplicable ability to shoot fire from my nose like a bad ass dragon but it’s not. Instead it’s about the sudden shift in my trigeminal neuritis.

Today when I woke up it hurt to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. It hurts badly enough that I have been contemplating non-death causing ways to stop breathing.

So far I have been unsuccessful in finding a way to cease breathing without risking death – which appears to be a serious design flaw in my body albeit one I have never contemplated before.

I am currently just pissed and trying to breathe as little as possible…

Yeah, I seriously just said that. I am actively trying to breathe as little as possible.


In self-care distraction news:

Tracy came down to take me to lunch and put up with dining with someone who seems to be trying really hard to hold her breath the whole time. (Thank you for your eternal patience and vast love!)

I tagged and organized all my jewelry for sale next week: 12289612_1530535017268258_3252205277890930805_n

I blogged (See this blog post).

Now I am thinking absorbing video game or bout of serious drinking. Your vote?

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