Stepping back into the ring…

It’s been a while since I have posted anything here.

In another effort to positively impact the severity of my daily migraine I went through a breast reduction in late January. They removed 3.5 pounds from my chest with the hope that less pressure from bra straps and such will lead to fewer knots in my shoulders and a reduction in at least one of my many ridiculous triggers.

Healing has been amazing. Pain has been low and thanks to the anesthesia I actually had two days without any headache pain for the first time in nearly three years. It was glorious.

During my recuperation I started work on my book, Lady Camarasa’s Dress & Decorum for the Modern Day Dinosaur. I have been thinking about this book for months and have finally launched the Kickstarter for it:

I am super excited to be writing and painting again and am thrilled to be bringing these lovely concepts to life.

Today I am once again dealing with weather induced migraine pain but I hope to get downstairs to work on my next page of the book, a lovely Apatosaurus in crinolines.

I hope you are all well and this windy March day finds you kite flying.

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