A near miss, Libby Lu, and Do you know what I did this summer?

We went to a birthday party at Club Libby Lu in the Menlo Park Mall last night for a friend’s daughter’s 8th birthday party.

We were at the mall until about eight thirty or so before retreating to the Mom’s house for beer, wine coolers, and recovery. A few minutes after we left, there was a shooting just outside the children’s place, very close to where we were. Very close. A man shot a woman in the store, and then killed himself. Obviously my angels are working overtime in making sure that the 15 or so children, 8 parents, and baby got the heck out of there before this all went down. Thank you angels, Thank you so much.

The party itself was fun, in that ultra-girly, make-up and glitter, high squeaky girl music kind of way. The girls were brought into the store and given rock star outfits to change into. This consisted of black sparkly bell bottom pants and a black tee with a large silver star on it. No bare midriff, no thumb-skirt. I was impressed that the outfits were not modeled after the Hooker Dolls, as my first impression of the store indicated they would be. (There was pink everywhere!)

After changing clothes, the girls had their hair twisted into fun little rows and pinned up. Fake kinked hair pieces shot through with long hot pink strips were attached via clips. Then the girls were covered head to toe in glitter and make up, were allowed to pick out 5 accessories, and make their own lip gloss, lotion or perfume. (It turns out I am allergic to the smell of the lip gloss Marlena made. Horribly allergic. Eyes tearing up, nose instantly stuffed, headache pounding allergic.)

After they were made all “pretty”, the girls danced to two songs with the teens in charge of the party and were sent on their way. The teens didn’t know the words to the songs, and neither did the girls, but the moms, including me, had no problem jamming out. Why? Because the first song was “I love rock and roll” by Joan Jett.

I mean really, this was an 8 year old’s birthday party and they played Joan Jett?

Afterwards there was present opening, and then the aforementioned alcohol eased recovery for us moms. I have pictures coming in the email soon, as I forgot my camera. Marlena had a blast though, and says she wants to do the same thing for her birthday. Hmmm…. either we will get her to change her mind or we will create a make-over session at home. We have the dress ups, it would be less expensive, and we have better music.

Marlena begins school on Monday, and I begin work. I need to finish up this complaint, file it, along with a motion to appear Pro Hac Vice, and get moving on the cases. I look back at this summer and can’t imagine why I am not finished with this filing already. What did I do with my summer? Why does caring for a newborn and a six year old take all the hours in a day? Ack! I haven’t even played World of Warcraft, or crocheted three hundred scarves, or scrapbooked. There is nothing to show for three months of time, except for the fact that the children are still alive, the pets are still alive, and the house isn’t a complete disaster. (Although, I still haven’t finished unpacking boxes.)

Well, I am off to bed. I still have a smidgen of a cold, and I intend on being well enough to work my tushie off all week so I can get this case up and running.

3 thoughts on “A near miss, Libby Lu, and Do you know what I did this summer?”

  1. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Not that you’re not good. My thanks to your angels as well. My blood runs cold sometimes & then I have to turn it over to the powers that be. Love you.

  2. Didn’t I tell you?


    Near misses are a no-no as well, but I’ll take them over actual death experiences. I mean, in a few months/years it will make a great story. Right?


    People are crazy and I’m glad you’re OK.

  3. That is sooo scary! I’m glad you guys left in time and are Ok!!
    Don’t worry about your 3 months of not work this summer… you have a newborn, you moved, and you have a household to run. You did a lot!! Now that Marlena’s back in school there is time to work… Don’t beat yourself up!
    Oh, and I vote for the party at home. 🙂

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