It’s oh so quiet…

When I went to school for the first time, my parents spent weeks preparing me for my first day, telling me how great I was going to be, pumping me up. By the time the actual day came, I was ready to go, happy to be heading out to a new frontier. My family dropped me off at school and returned home, only to find my brother, mournfully staring out the window for a glimpse of me. I had been his daily playmate for his entire life. They had prepared me for school, but they had forgotten to prepare my brother for me going to school.

Today, I feel very much like my brother did. I have been waiting for Marlena to “get out of the house and let me work” for the last month. I have been looking forward to school like you would not believe, but now, on the morning of her first day, I am sitting mournfully at my desk, surrounded by work. My house is just too quiet, and my normal playmate isn’t here. Sniff.

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