Oh Yeah Baby!!!

I finally did it! I finally filed my first case! After months of balancing a new baby, a six year old, and legal research, I have finished the complaint, sent it off to local counsel, and am officially suing the government. Oh Yeah! What did I do to celebrate this amazing merging of law and motherhood? Let me show you:

I bought myself an 8.1 MP Canon Rebel SLR digital camera. This working mom will not miss any more precious baby smiles because my camera won’t capture the image fast enough. This camera clicks away at the speed of… well, a real camera. You will likely see more pictures in the blog from now on. I am sure while I get used to the new toy you will see pictures of the kids, the husband, the pets, random shoes, the trees outside my home, pretty much anything you can point a camera at. I promise to eventually be more choosy, but for now, I am simply taking pictures of everything I see. It is so much fun!

Now I am off to capture life on film!

5 thoughts on “Oh Yeah Baby!!!”

  1. Oliver is looking more and more like Marlena…
    Yay for filing your case ~ I didn’t think you could sue the goverment? What did it do??

    Yay for the new toy ~ I must admit, I’m way jealous! 🙂

  2. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior failed to perform one of his statutorily designated duties under the Endangered Species Act.

  3. Congrats on the camera. It’s just like mine – it has been a great camera for me. It is such a relief to have a digital that works in real time, isn’t it?

    Oliver is certainly growing into a charming young man – his resemblance to Lee is astounding.

  4. Ahem. Not film. Nitpick over.

    Nice choice! Nice shots! Wanna borrow my lenses when you’re next out? Give you something to really spend money on! Heh!

  5. Wooooot! Thanks for everything you’re doing for them – it’s hard for endangered species to send thank-you cards, for the same reason it’s hard for them to hire lawyers! But I’m sure you know you’re also working for us, the neighbors and friends of the endangered. A big thank-you from a neighbor and a friend. 🙂

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