Living in the moment

It suddenly occurs to me that most of my life seems to be lived in preparation for or anticipation of something else. It also occurs to me that this is very sad. Apparently, I am so busy trying to prepare for my “real” life, that I don’t realize I am living my real life right now, right here, and if I don’t slow down, I may miss it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the unimportant stuff, and therefore miss what truly matters.

So today, in an attempt to slow down and live in the moment, Otter and I stacked doughnuts (or donuts if you are spellcheck). We spent a good hour sitting on the floor, mastering the art of doughnut stacking and snacking on a pumpkin muffin. Near the end of the hour, Otter, wearing an expression of intense concentration, picked up a green doughnut, reached out to the stacking peg, and delicately and deliberately placed it on. All by himself.

Of course, I had to take pictures.

I was too busy shrieking “Yay Baby!!” to capture the actual self stacking moment, but it happened! I was there to bear witness to my brilliant baby’s new accomplishment!

3 thoughts on “Living in the moment”

  1. Yeah Oliver! Nice post and well stated. I had a similar thought last night while watching my 19 month old. I guess thats how I found your blog.

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