No wicked for the rest…

All right, that’s it!! If I am not going to get any rest any way, I wanna be wicked!

What’s wicked about being too sleepy to don makeup and cute shoes? How is spending the day trapped in the house with a cooing baby in my jammies wicked?

There is nothing remotely wicked about my life. Nothing even the tiniest bit racy!! (Well, okay, the quiche I made the other day with heavy whipping cream might have been a bit wicked.)

But regardless of the relative innocence of my days, there is no rest for me. My commanding officer is up at all hours, all nights, trying to hit a new marathon nursing record or standing at our headboard kicking me in the face. Sometimes he kicks his dad too, which makes me feel better.

Sooooo sleepy.

Wasn’t life a bit sexier when my sleep loss was due to being up until 3 a.m. dancing at a popular nightclub or hitting the party circuit? I was content with sleeplessness in my early twenties. Even in law school, when it was mostly due to hitting the books all night long, my sleepiness had an edge to it, a purpose. Now the only thing with an edge to it is my tone of voice when anyone asks me to do something for them.

Ugh… there is not enough coffee in the world.

The Eye?

Give us the eye!!
(If you can name the movie that is from, you will seriously impress me. Mainly because you will be as much of a geek as I am, which is hard to do.)

You ever have one of those days when everything is calm and settled?

I am having one today. The bills are all paid, the kids are all healthy, the house is fairly clean, my case is mostly finished, there aren’t any horrible errands to run or chores to do. I am in a lull.

I am liking the lull.

There are small things of course, Otter is teething again, so the poor baby wanders around, occasionally crying and pouring oceans of drool all over the place. Monkey is still convinced she can not listen until I have told her to go to Time Out and still somehow avoid Time Out (this results in many trips to her room). I still have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the settlement agreement.

However, there is no huge deadline lurking over my head, no giant bill that I can’t quite afford to pay. It’s just, mellow.

The best of all? My Daddy will be here in four days! I will have nine delicious days of Daddy visits. Monkey, Lee, and I are all so excited to see him! We are taking a trip into the city to see Spamalot together (my treat for a change), and we are going to drive up to West Point and tour his Vietnam Digs. Most importantly, we will have conversation over coconut donuts and black coffee at the Dunkin Donuts. It will be really nice to have some solid Kvetch time with him, he is one of my very best friends and advisers and I have missed talking life over with him more than just about anything else since moving so far away.

Well, I am going to pour another cup of coffee, and maybe sit and read while the calm lasts. Parenthood seems to be the eternal hurricane, so I should enjoy having the eye pass over my head, before the wind picks up again.

Last chance….

I have had no takers on the Pay it Forward Craft project, but in the interest of paying it forward, I am posting the offer again. If no one wants to play with me, sniffle, I ask for suggestions of charities who would like to receive three handmade items. I will make them for your kid’s school auction, or your church bazaar, or your local hospital, just let me know!


Oooh a fun new meme that allows me to gift others with something I have made!? How can I resist!? I am totally crafty like that. Ellen, at Ellen Quilts, has continued the pay it forward trend, and now, so am I.

The Rules:
1. I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this Pay It Forward exchange. (I will email you for addresses.) Note: You have to express interest in joining the exchange, i.e. “Oooh Pick me!!”.
Because I am not into stressing myself out, there will be a two month window before the gift deadline arrives. That way, I won’t begin to despise the lovely people I lured into playing the game!

2. Then You will post the same offer on your blog, passing on three homemade goodies to the first three to respond with interest.

What kind of goodies? Whatever you want to try a hand at making. I am a multicrafter, though crochet is my weapon of choice, so my offerings are likely to be in the crocheted hat/handbag/scarf/basket spectrum. However, you never know what craft inspiration will strike while I leaf through old Craft Zine’s and ponder your gift.

So come on! Join in the fun! Let’s send something handmade out into the world!