Breakfast for Bella…

Otter really likes to feed people, he gets great joy out of pulling a half masticated, drool covered piece of food out of his mouth and shoving into yours. He grins like mad, and afterwards, will clap happily, proud of his ability to feed you.

His family members, myself included, have gotten very good at avoiding the sodden offerings. This makes Otter sad, as he loves to share.

Yesterday, he found one family member who didn’t mind at all.

Bella loves Otter’s special breakfast offerings, and will gobble them up with glee, making baby a happy little man.

Thank you for taking one for the team Bella, our more discerning palates really appreciate it.

In other news… Mandy at Not Another Mom Blog is hosting an online Primary Party today! Stop on over, bring some virtual snacks and join in!

Delusional with a side of vanilla!!

Monkey has strep. We took her to the doctor on Friday, and they hopped her up on anti-biotics but the antibiotics don’t seem to be helping her feel much better. She still has a really sore throat, a cough, and a runny nose. In addition, she is delusional.
Yes, I said Delusional.
She spent all day yesterday staring at her father and me and telling us our heads were too small. She would then rub her eyes, shake her head a little, and then stare at us for a minute before again pronouncing our heads tiny.
After a bewildered call to her pediatrician, I learned that delusions are a side effect that occurs in some small number of children who take antibiotics for strep.
Yay for us! We are rare! I was advised to “not ask her repeatedly if my head is still small, as it would only make her focus on the issue and become a way of getting attention.”
Well, there go my plans for the day. I had fully intended on quizzing my daughter as to the size of my head all morning long!
Hopefully the delusions will fade soon, but until they do, I am trying not to be totally creeped out.
Onto more cheerful things.

Yesterday I posted this image in my weekly winners:

Many of you responded with requests for how to make Vanilla Extract.
Here is a link to the Instructables website we used to get the recipe. Note, this is not a two step process, it will take you a day to make it. However the steps are easy to follow, and pretty self explanatory.
As for why to make it, well, you can guarantee that your extract does not have HFC added to it, and uses only natural flavors, like Vanilla bean and Vodka. Additionally, you can make it double strength, which takes twice as long, but guarantees a fantastic cooking aid.
Further, we have discovered a lovely use for the remaining beans. We split them, harvest the caviar (bean innards) and then toss them into a can of sugar. What comes out a few days later is vanilla sugar. I have been able to halve the amount of sugar I use in recipes if I replace it with vanilla sugar.
It’s nice over cereal too (and in coffee I am told).

Well, this shrunken headed mom is off for some coffee. Enjoy!

And now for something completely frivolous…

Good morning. After our deep and meaningful political discussion yesterday I feel the need to post something utterly meaningless with no depth whatsoever. So here it is:

While nursing the baby yesterday the television was inadvertently left on the Entertainment channel. I was far from the remote, and he was busily and happily slurping away so I found myself watching a show on red carpet beauty tips.

It turns out that Julia Roberts gets her lovely glowing skin by rubbing Olive Oil into it before a red carpet event.

When Otter was done nursing, and sleeping peacefully in his crib, I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and immediately determined that there was nothing Olive Oil could do to harm my skin, as pale, tired, and utterly fagged out as it has become. So I tried it. I dipped the tips of two fingers into some Olive Oil and rubbed it into my face, neck, and shoulders.

An hour later I caught sight of my reflection again. I looked luminous. My skin was lustrous, it glowed. I looked fantastic. No make up on, nothing but Olive Oil.

I usually use Aveeno’s Positively Radiant daily moisturizer when I want to get a little glimmer in my skin, but it’s pricey, about $8 for 4 ounces, so I use it sparingly. The Olive Oil works better, makes my skin softer, and is much less expensive.

So there you go. Something completely shallow and meaningless, yet hopefully useful.