Last chance….

I have had no takers on the Pay it Forward Craft project, but in the interest of paying it forward, I am posting the offer again. If no one wants to play with me, sniffle, I ask for suggestions of charities who would like to receive three handmade items. I will make them for your kid’s school auction, or your church bazaar, or your local hospital, just let me know!


Oooh a fun new meme that allows me to gift others with something I have made!? How can I resist!? I am totally crafty like that. Ellen, at Ellen Quilts, has continued the pay it forward trend, and now, so am I.

The Rules:
1. I will make and send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment to this post on my blog requesting to join this Pay It Forward exchange. (I will email you for addresses.) Note: You have to express interest in joining the exchange, i.e. “Oooh Pick me!!”.
Because I am not into stressing myself out, there will be a two month window before the gift deadline arrives. That way, I won’t begin to despise the lovely people I lured into playing the game!

2. Then You will post the same offer on your blog, passing on three homemade goodies to the first three to respond with interest.

What kind of goodies? Whatever you want to try a hand at making. I am a multicrafter, though crochet is my weapon of choice, so my offerings are likely to be in the crocheted hat/handbag/scarf/basket spectrum. However, you never know what craft inspiration will strike while I leaf through old Craft Zine’s and ponder your gift.

So come on! Join in the fun! Let’s send something handmade out into the world!

5 thoughts on “Last chance….”

  1. don’t count this as an entry just yet. it’s a great idea, however i have nothing home-made to make in return. i never learned how to sew, knit, crochet or anything like that. the most i can do is bake. baking is a lot of fun for me, but seriously, how many people would eat something sent to them from a stranger? i’d like to play, but until i can figure out something to make in return, i’ll watch yours.

  2. Mmmm…. baked goods!! I would love some, but I agree, it is not likely to succeed in the Pay if Forward exchange.

    Though my tummy is sad about that.

  3. Ok I will bite!! I’ll do it!! I can make beaded jewelry because the knitting thing still takes me a while. This will be fun, though!

  4. I already signed up to do this myself, but if you read my blog recently you will see that I have joined something named Chemo Angels. I have a 5 year old little girl who is currently going through chemotherapy and I am sure that she would love one of your handmade items if you don’t get any other takers:)Maybe a hat for her sweet little head since she is losing all her hair!!

  5. Excellent Mandy! I will begin working on something for you!

    Wendy, I would love to make a hat for your darling girl, Please email me with her head circumference and colors. Also, would she like a silly hat, or a pretty hat?

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