20 thoughts on “Weekly Winners”

  1. She is doing really well, we taught her the techniques Alton Brown uses on Good Eats, he has a cooking with kids episode that we watched with her, before letting her handle knives .

  2. Nice, send them over this way when they are done at your place 😉 I love how carefully she keeps her fingers safe. I cut my finger just last night on the electric knife (not turned on, thankfully, or it would have been much worse…), so apparently I need a course in knife safety.

  3. I love your boy. He is so cute! You must be so lucky to have children to help around the house, I can’t say the same thing about our mother. 🙂

  4. The Montessori part of me LOVES these pictures & that you let her use a real knife & him a real Swiffer! The Mommy part of me says “ohhhh…”…. Good for you! And they look like they’re having fun too! 😉

  5. What is it with kids and Swiffers? My little guy loves to Swiff. I suppose the day will come when I ask him and get a, “awwww MOM…I always have to Swiff!!”


  6. You have wonderful little helpers! Your kids are adorable.

    I was cracking up about the snoring post. I think I snore too, which frustrates me to no end!

    Fun blog, thanks for sharing!

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