If only I could snore…

My husband snores, like a team of loggers cutting down trees. Embarrassingly enough, I apparently snore too, though I maintain that I snore only when extremely pregnant. Even Otter snores away in his baby sleep, little spurts of sound cutely puffing from his chubby little cheeks.

Snoring is something I have never considered a positive, so I was amazed when Lee told me that Monkey had been crying the other day, because she didn’t snore.

“You snore, Mommy snores, even Otter snores!” she agonized between sobs, “I wish I could snore! I feel so left out!”

He didn’t know where to begin, but gamely came up with an answer.
“How do you know you don’t snore? You sleep in your own bed, you could snore like me, and just not know it.”

She found this piece of information very comforting.

5 thoughts on “If only I could snore…”

  1. She is so adorable. First saving the snowman and now this – I’m in love with her!

  2. Sweet baboo. Give her a giant hug from Nama. Giant hug to Oliver from Namz. Love–

  3. LOL, that is so sweet! Kids just want to be like everyone else.

    I’ve been told by hubby and kids that I snore, and that I make “a funny sound” when I do so. A few days ago I was napping, mostly asleep but just waking up a little, and I heard the strangest noise — like growling. Suddenly I jerked awake and realized that I had been hearing myself snore!

  4. Michelle,
    That cracked me up! It must be a funny experience to wake yourself up with your own odd noises.

    I always wear earplugs, so I am not sure I would be able to hear myself.
    This probably means I do snore.

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