Haiku Friday

Blissful Haiku day
you give me something to say
Damn NaBloPoMo.

It seems pledging posts
shatters and wrecks havoc on
my inspiration.

Wit and Cleverness
are now distant cousins here
leaving you snoring.

Maybe a new meme
another weekly gig will
animate my prose.

Couplet’s on Monday?
Terza Rima on Tuesday?
Wednesday’s Lyrics?

Free verse for Sunday?
Horatian Ode Thursday?
Saturday Sonnets?

So many options
A poetic offering
each day of the week.

When will it all end?
This NaBloPoMo craziness?
Oh yeah… in April.

Maybe for next year
I will choose February
Three less posts you know.

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14 thoughts on “Haiku Friday”

  1. Ugh. I just wouldn’t be able to do it. Joining in November was hard enough for me. Hang in there!

  2. funny, i blog everyday, because i’m just full of wisdom, but nablopomo almost kicked my butt. made it hard. it’s that commitment thing.

  3. i really have to work at this haiku thing, but it makes for an interesting day. i am not clever in the least bit, but i try to be. i do try to blog everyday about my girls happening’s, but to be cleaver and poetic about it all, not going to happen. besides, what’s so clever about fevers and poop, spit up and “mommy look at me, look at me”

    great ku!

  4. Good for you for sticking to MarBlo. After 9 days I ran out of things to say. It sort of scared me. You can always fall back on the theme, lists!

  5. Ha for your plan to choose Feb! 😉

    I can so relate with you on this…great haiku, happy Friday!

  6. Too much pressure!! *Lol*

    I want lots of those poetical proses though, that’d be nice. 🙂

  7. I tried to write a sonnet. It was craptacular.

    And there’s no way I could do Nablo in March. I’m going to pick September. Kids are back in school, no holidays, not too crazy.

    Hang in there!

    Oh, and did you change your banner? I like it!

  8. You’re doing so well! Loved your Haiku 🙂 I feel your pain, I’m doing blog365, and I’m running out of steam these days. Hang in there!

  9. I was trying to go computer free on Fridays, but now I’ve joined the ‘Ku! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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