Restful good-doing…


I have decided to add a new task to my daily resting schedule. Instead of only reading, watching t.v., or listening to Audible, I am going to learn Spanish and do some good for the world at the same time.

How? I am using DuoLingo and

DuoLingo is a good program. I haven’t had the chance to speak much with other people so as far as I know I may not be progressing as quickly as they tell me I am but so far I am learning lots. For example:

Mis elephants come pan. (My elephants eat bread.)

No es un pato, es un penguino. (It is not a duck, it is a penguin.)

Ellas lean mis libros. (She reads my books.)

The most interesting part has been learning about common idioms. Some correspond to English idioms, like; Más vale tarde que nunca. (Better late than never) but others I have never heard before: Mala hierba nunca muere. (Bad grass never dies). 

So I run through several exercises a day in Duolingo and then I move over to FreeRice and test my vocabulary while earning food for the World Food Programme.  Each correct answer earns ten grains of rice. Yesterday I earned three thousand before going to bed.

I may not be working but I am learning and doing good, all from the comfort of my bed.


Oooooh! I like this one: No hay rosa sin espinas. (There are no roses without thorns.) 


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