Fibro Fog or Fuzzy Focus Fun…

The most irritating aspect of Fibromyalgia is my complete inability to pay attention to …


any one thing for any length of time. I used to have the ability to multi-task like a champ and now a single misplaced comment can derail my brain more effectively than a head injury.

Example: I decide I want to make a snack, apples with peanut butter, because I am hungry. I leave my bedroom and begin to head down two flights of stairs to the kitchen. On my landing my mother calls to me from her study to ask me about my plans for dinner that night.  She and I discuss dinner. During the discussion I feel I need the restroom. I continue downstairs to use the bathroom and return to my room afterwards having completely forgotten that my initial decent was to procure food for my tummy.

One would think my tummy would remind me but it turns out my medication makes hunger go bye-bye so I will likely only remember to eat again once my husband comes home from work and asks me what I have had to eat that day.

I may weakly tell him I tried to eat but got distracted.

If I remember.

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