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If you see an albatross…


I swear, New Jersey does not let it’s people go!!! This has been an absolutely wretched trip thus far!!

We left New Jersey yesterday at about two o’clock after spending the day madly packing, cleaning, and sweating. We made it about two hours out of Freehold when Lee’s car started making a really bad noise and lost all power. We stopped at a rest stop and decided to call the dealership. They asked us to bring it into a location about twenty minutes away. The car began to smoke on the way to the dealer. Billowing clouds of white smoke every time he started off a light, went up a hill, or turned a corner.

Turns out he blew the turbo, hopefully won’t have hurt the engine. So we are ensconced in a Motel six in Limerick PA, with two kids, three cats, and two dogs for a couple of days while we wait for repairs.

The Good news:

This didn’t happen in Amish country miles away from the nearest (non-buggy) tow-truck.

Due to our delay, I had time to replace my bald tires (I had no idea they were bald) with safe tires.

The warrantee covered the repairs.

The town we are stuck in is named Limerick.

(In Limerick they sat and ate snacks,

while their Subaru sat up on jacks,

they’d lost several days,

in mind numbing ways,

while awaiting their chance to make tracks!!)

The Bad News:

Well…. I don’t need to repeat it all do I?

Anyway…. anyone out there want to take me for drinks when I get home? I would like to forget this experience as quickly as possible.


So many boxes, so little time…

We have too much stuff. Too many boxes littering the garage, the POD, and the house!! Argh! To make things worse, it is hot, hot, HOT. Oh, and did I mention Muggy? That’s right, we are getting closer to the time of year in NJ when the heat and humidity combine to punch you unpleasantly in the face when you leave your house. At least we have AC in the new place.

Unfortunately we are discovering that life on the east coast is a major pain in the a*&. We can’t get rid of the garbage generated from our last move. We are facing a crisis here, as the boro won’t accept the boxes unless they are packed as recyclables, they won’t accept more than three cans worth of thrash on pickup day, and the one hauler we got a hold of wants to charge us $475 to remove our stuff. I HATE IT HERE!!
Back home you can just lug it to the landfill, hand them a 20, and dump it. Not here, no… they have 4000 different municipalities, and ours doesn’t have their own landfill.

Mutter mutter. Shake it off.

On the Oliver front:

This young man needed a new wardrobe, as he has outgrown all the newborn, 3-6, and 6-9 month clothing so lovingly given us by our friends and family. Luckily I caught a bunch of summer clothes on clearance at Target, and managed to secure him some dappper baby attire at minimal cost. Still, 3 months old and heading into 12 month old clothes? My baby is a tall and strong young man, soon he will be moving furniture for us.

Marlena has loved playing with her brother, and had begun to ape me with her own baby doll. For her birthday she got a baby play gym and carrier for her dolly and has been caring for “Alina” while I care for Oliver. It’s pretty cute. She has also been reading bedtim stories to him. Oliver loves to hear her read, and watches her face the whole time with wide, excited eyes. Here she is snuggling her brother.

Well I am off to mom’s thing, and then back to the dreaded house to prepare some boxes for recycling. Sigh.

Our house, in the middle of our street.

I am back online and into the new house in Freehold. Things are well and truly scattered in a typical post moving pattern. My family is living out of duffels as we try and make it through the next week or so.

Marlena’s BDAY party is Saturday. We are meeting friends at Dorbrook park for fun in the sun Splashpark style. So I have to quit the mass unpacking to gather her swimsuit, some snacks, a few goody bags, and some cake together for the grand event.

YAY MARLENA! She is almost 6!!

And we’re packing, we’re packing…

Lee and I got to spend the evening upstairs in the hot muggy attic going through the remaining boxes for our move Monday. It sounds worse than it was though, because we also got to do that fun couple thing where you come across some relic of your life/relationship/family and share the details with your S.O.

Lee found the “coffee cup he swiped from his job at Louisville Public Library, back in the day when there was only one area code in Denver”. I found the jewelry box “of Doom”, the one he handed to me upon returning from a business trip right after we had moved in together, making me think he was proposing and causing me to have the fight or flight response. We both found the myriad of odd things you end up keeping during a major move, such as all the magnets from our refrigerator.

It was a fun and cozy evening. We ended the work with an hour watching Comedy Central, seeing Mr. Vargus Mason on HBO was pretty darn cool, I must say. We laughed in between yawns, because midnight is late for us baby having old people.

Tomorrow is the Yard Sale From Hell, to be followed by the Move of Ickiness. However, when it is all over, we will live in the house we love, far away from soul sucking Red Bank and our soulless landlords. We will be renting from people we get along with and trust. Things will be better.

Until then, we’re packing.

(Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry…

Conundrum. What does one make for dinner every night the month before moving? You know, that month when the last thing you want to do is go to Costco to stock up on three months worth of green beans, rice, cereal, and coffee?

I stood in my cupboard, which is far from bare, but somehow always seems to have nothing in it anyway, and attempted to decide. Pasta, nope, had that last night. Hmmm…. I have ground beef and garlic, okay, fry that up with some olive oil. What to add…. Oh look! Savory mushroom rice pilaf! Great! Get that cooking…. still not quite a meal….Voila! Dried shitake mushrooms! Boil some water and get those ready to add. Anything else? Well… here is some red wine, some dried cranberries, and some curry powder. Why not!

So yes, we are having what I call… (Everything but the) Kitchen Sink Curry. It is surprisingly tasty.

Oh, ask not for whom the baby cries….

Living in the twilight zone…

Okay. I lived in Colorado for the first 30 and 3/4 years of my life. All my friends were there, barring the few that left. All my connections, family, peers, etc., were located within a short distance. I could have lunch whenever I wanted. I had an active social life. I saw people outside the office and my immediate family.

Now, I live in New Jersey. When I am in the office, I feel fine. When I am home with Lee and Monkey, I feel fine. When I am able to meet with Ellen, or Tiff, or the other few friends I have here, I feel fine. However, the rest of the time, I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

I can’t call my friends and go out for a late movie or a beer/coffee while Lee hangs out with Monkey. The friends I have here can’t really go out late. I can’t go to the breakfasts I used to attend every week, or stop by my parents for dinner. I stay home every single night of the week, except for coffee for two hours on Sundays. I stay home because here, I have no one to go out with.

I have read all my books, I have watched all the rental movies I want to watch. What do I do now?

Beginning in New Jersey

A Denver Girl in New Jersey…

Well…. it’s official, we are now domiciled in New Jersey.
(Of course, for all you law friends of mine, can one be domiciled when one has all the indicia of residency, but has neither the desire, nor the intent, to remain too long?) We have the job, the house, our stuff, but I wanna go home!!! (Wah!)

Our trip out was quite an interesting experience. To begin with, we had to rush into the airport because the helpful (overly so) man at curbside check-in raced away with our luggage before we could have our long, lingering goodbye with my parents. So instead, we had a quick hug and kiss each, and ran after his quickly retreating frame. Luckily, we were able to have a lovely breakfast with them before heading out, so I do not feel as bereft as I could.

Then, Monkey and I went through security with one backpack, a carry on, a Siamese cat in a carrying case, and three laptops. This took quite some time. All the laptops had to be removed and placed in individual containers. Then the cat had to be removed. (Yes! I had to remove a very unhappy, scared, and quite pissed off Siamese from her carrier in the middle of DIA security and desperately hold onto her while they scanned the carrier for bombs and other terrorist equipment.) Once I was completely covered in fur and scratched beyond recognition I was allowed to shove the cat, now with 20 unbelievably long legs (all resisting), back into the carrier and remove my shoes for inspection. Sigh. Finally, I was able to pack up all the laptops and creatures and proceed to the train to concourse A.

On the train, Monkey somehow managed to get her arm stuck in between the wall inside the train and the hand rail. She screamed bloody murder for three of the longest minutes of my life while I attempted to find the one position in which she had managed to shove her elbow into this tiny space to begin with. Meanwhile, the cat screamed like a dying baby and the passengers all fervently hoped they were flying no where near me. Finally, after asking Monkey to straighten her arm several times, each with increasing intensity, she was free. The train arrived at concourse A, we got off, set down our stuff, and cried for a while.

When we were feeling more like ourselves, we got up, and began our trek to the gate. Once there, we were basically calm for an hour. There was a brief panic when Monkey left her Nalgene bottle in the bathroom, and I thought I would have to trek back into it with the backpack, carry-on, and cat. Thankfully, an angel disguised as a fellow passenger went in and got it for me. Once again, I am both touched and disturbed by how sweet and helpful people are. Touched because I so obviously need their help, and disturbed because I am now that person who so obviously needs their help!! Ah, the days when I used to travel with a backpack, and nothing else, for two weeks. 😦

Once on the plane, things were all right. Chloe’s carrier did fit nicely under the seat, and she was quiet for the first hour. Of course, the in-flight movie was “Good Night and Good Luck”, so Monkey was bored right away, but I had thought ahead and packed a gazillion little travel packs from Target, so she was all right. These are by far the coolest idea in kid entertainment I have encountered in ages, especially at a dollar a piece. Each kit comes in a see through, colorful, plastic, zipper container with a key chain. Her favorite kit contains a glue stick, several colorful foam pieces, and pictures to glue the pieces to. We also had a card kit, with four miniature cards and envelopes, a stamp pad, stamps, stickers, and a pen. There are bracelet kits, watch kits, Mirror and Frame kits, etc. I love them all. I have bought about 50 of them. I will cry when they are gone.

So, back to the plane… Monkey was an angel, entertaining herself with these great kits. Therefore, the occasional Yowl! from Chole was not too bad, and usually she was quieted with a pet or two. I started to relax a little. Contintental still serves meals, so we actually had a hot and yummy dinner on the plane. I relaxed more. Then the baby three seats up began to scream. Non-stop for the remainder of the flight. I could hear her through my ear plugs. Chloe could hear her in her carrier. Chloe commiserated with the baby in loud and strident tones, though I doubt anyone heard her. I compensated my seatmate by producing an extra pair of earplugs. (Which I had because I recently took the bar, and in a moment of OCD induced mania purchased about 40 sets of earplugs “just in case”.)

We finally got to New Jersey, got lost on the way home, had to stop at Target to get a litter box, but finally got home with food, cat, luggage, and kid. Safe and sound.

Our house is still packed, as we are still waiting for carpet removal, but the landlords have responded to us, and they will be gone within the week!! Yay!!

I miss you all, I miss the mountains, I miss the low humidity, and indistinguishable accents.